Treatment Options

Every patient has individual needs. Let’s explore different treatment options to choose what’s best for you.

Traditional Braces

These are the most common type of braces that are made of metallic material. A metal wire which is held by metallic ties is used to correct the position of your teeth. You can customize the color of the ties according to your choice. This is a long-tested and affordable treatment option.


Invisalign is a modern treatment option that involves the usage of custom-made clear trays that adjust the position of your teeth with the passage of time. These trays are removable and fit comfortably in your mouth. It is a discrete and aesthetic solution to attain a perfect smile without any visible braces.


InBrace is an orthodontic solution that highlights the reliability of traditional braces with the invisibility of clear aligners. Hidden behind your teeth, InBrace’s revolutionary Smartwire™ aligns your teeth according to your personalized treatment plan. InBrace is a comfortable and aesthetic treatment option to attain a beautiful smile.
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Accelerated Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can take months before you notice any visible improvement. Now you don’t have to wait so long. Thanks to accelerated orthodontic technologies, you can have the same results you get from traditional orthodontic treatments, but in a much shorter time frame. This modern treatment approach to orthodontics works by inciting new bone growth in your jaw. Accelerated orthodontics is not only time-efficient but also produces even better results than traditional treatment options.
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